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    Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I can't find the following 'sorting option'. Should it be available through the triple-dot-menu on the top right corner of a column?

    Tasks in the column can be sorted by efforts or by value. 
    To sort them choose the Sort Tasks option in the column menu.
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    On Pushing Tasks: does the following differ from linked tasks on a Roadmap Board? Because changing a task's status on a Roadmap to 'done' doesn't seem to move it to Done column on the backlog. 

    Please note that once a copied task is completed and move to 
    the Done column, its parent task is not automatically moved
    to Done on a Backlog!
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    Hygger Team

    Hello Maik,

    Sorry to keep you waiting with the response!

    Indeed, the sorting option is about to be implemented soon.

    What concerns the Push All Tasks option: it does differ since it's a different option then adding the linked task to a Roadmap, though there are no automations in none of these cases, as you've mentioned it


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